Cancellation Insurance for Yachting

At battleface, we specialise in crafting travel insurance products tailored to the yachting industry.

Enhance your customers’ sailing experience with the peace of mind that comes from our top-notch customer service, emergency assistance, and claims support, all backed by a Trustpilot rating of Excellent.
  • Peace of Mind Cancellation coverage for stress-free planning 
  • Financial Protection Safeguard booking expenses
  • 24/7 Assistance Our dedicated support team is available around the clock
  • Tailored Coverage Specifically designed for boat charter customers

Enhance your offerings with custom yachting insurance by battleface  

Partner with battleface to provide your customers with
premium cancellation insurance specifically designed for the yachting industry.


Available to your customers worldwide, except for residents of sanctioned countries.

Collective or
Individual Cover

Choose between blanket cancellation insurance for all customers or offer an opt-in option.


Your administration costs and efforts are covered by battleface.

Flexible Product

Customise the coverage with additional travel insurance benefits like medical expenses, evacuation, luggage, etc.


Cover options provided by your company for the benefit of your customers.

Quick & Easy

Our plug-and-play integration makes it simple to add our insurance offerings to your services within a few days. Learn more.

Forget one-size-fits-nobody
insurance products.

Protect your customers’ bookings with battleface

Unforeseen circumstances can disrupt even the best-laid plans. With battleface’s Yachting Cancellation insurance, clients can sail with confidence.  

Peace of Mind
Our insurance provides coverage for cancellations due to illness, inaccessible destinations, or other qualifying circumstances. Tailored to the sailing world, it ensures stress-free planning. 
Financial Protection
Safeguard booking expenses. Our insurance covers prepaid expenses, including rental fees and deposits, so customers can recover costs if they need to cancel or interrupt a trip. 
24/7 Assistance
Our dedicated support team is available around the clock. We provide prompt and reliable assistance for travel disruptions, filing claims, or returning home due to emergencies. 
Tailored Coverage
Specifically designed for boat charter customers, our cancellation cover pays up to a certain amount (after deductibles) for losses due to prepaid, non-refundable travel arrangements. Additional travel expenses are also covered if there is a need to curtail a trip and return home for health, family, or weather-related reasons as detailed in the policy. 

Cancellation coverage includes

Medical or family emergencies

Unexpected weather events

Legal, work or school obligations

Reasons of safety or security

Protect your adventures
with battleface

Easy integration documentation

The Master Policy Wording Document outlines the detailed terms, conditions, coverages, and exclusions of your insurance policy. It is essential for understanding your rights, obligations, and the specifics of what is covered under your policy. To view click here.

The Implementation Guide provides step-by-step instructions and best practices for setting up and integrating our services into your system. It includes technical details, configuration steps, and troubleshooting tips to ensure a smooth implementation process. To view click here.

The API Documentation offers comprehensive details on how to use our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). It includes information on endpoints, request and response formats, authentication methods, and code examples to help developers integrate our APIs effectively. You can view the documentation by clicking here.

The Product Sandbox is a testing environment where you can experiment with and test our products and features without affecting live data. It allows you to simulate real-world scenarios and ensure everything works correctly before going live. To explore the sandbox environment, click here.